bed bugs and tenants

Halifax tenants angry about bed bugs? Time for action.

June 23, 2008

A Halifax resident going by the moniker “Bugged by Bedbugs” used the soapbox “Love the way we bitch” on Halifax website The Coast, to call fellow residents to action on the bed bug issue, in a post entitled “WTF is with the bedbugs?”: There is a certain trio of dusky-colored high-rise apartment buildings in Halifax […]

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The bed bug times are a’ changin’, ever so slowly

May 22, 2008

Or so it would seem. Earlier this week, there was the bed bug bill in the U.S. Congress. And yesterday, an article in the Maine Switch (a website for those in Greater Portland) about the city’s yearly trash pick-up of bulky trash items. Not surprisingly, the day is a yearly impromptu festival for bargain hunters […]

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Bed bug notice: East Village, NYC, January 2008

February 16, 2008

A bed bug notice found in a building lobby in Manhattan, by our stealthy photo contributor, iPhone Interloper. Good: Building management admitting problem publicly, posting notice. Notice asking for bed bug reports. Notice reminding tenants secondhand mattresses are a no-no. Notice is building-wide even though only one unit has apparently identified a bed bug problem. […]

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landlord’s duty to tell prospective tenants about bed bugs?

May 7, 2007

A reader asks: I’m wondering if there’s a legal duty for landlords to report an infestation to potential tenants? Dear Reader, Local laws almost always specify the types of homes landlords are expected to provide (in good repair, free of pests, etc.) and so landlords are almost always required to provide a home without bed […]

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Another suit at Presidential Towers: this one focuses on landlord’s non-disclosure of neighbor’s bed bugs

March 10, 2007

A fourth person is suing Presidential Towers in Chicago: this time, on the grounds that Presidential Towers knew the neighbors had bugs, did not tell the tenant, who then got them. This issue is relevant to all tenants with bed bugs. If landlords had to tell neighbors when one tenant had bed bugs, it might […]

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Bed bugs & tenant organizing: don’t take this lying down

February 19, 2007

We know that the only way for multi-unit buildings to eliminate bed bugs (at least until the next unwitting soul brings them in) is by having a PCO who knows what they’re doing treat all affected units. In cases where there is one affected unit, all adjacent units (above, below, and on all sides) should […]

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Bedbugs called “a new kind of roach”; building managment lies

November 4, 2006

A friend of mine recently said she was told that her building was being treated for “a new kind of roach.” Then she described the treatment–all the tenants would have to put all their things in plastic bags in the center of the room, the treatment was going to be done 3 times over a […]

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Landlord won’t tell new tenants you have bed bugs?

October 7, 2006

Try this. It’s a photo of a sign (presumbly in an apartment window) in Oakland, CA, that says “Bedbugs here”. It’s actually a great idea if you have bed bugs and people are moving into your building not knowing this. Most landlords won’t tell new tenants. Some landlords won’t do anything about bed bugs in […]

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