bed bugs and mattresses

Bed bugs in “refurbished” mattresses on Fox NY

May 22, 2008

In the video below from 5/19/2008, Fox News NY visits a mattress recycling operation in Woodside to report on bed bugs in “refurbished” mattresses. It is perfectly legal to spritz, recover, and resell used mattresses in New York. They have to be sanitized and labeled properly. There is currently no way we know of to […]

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The bed bug times are a’ changin’, ever so slowly

May 22, 2008

Or so it would seem. Earlier this week, there was the bed bug bill in the U.S. Congress. And yesterday, an article in the Maine Switch (a website for those in Greater Portland) about the city’s yearly trash pick-up of bulky trash items. Not surprisingly, the day is a yearly impromptu festival for bargain hunters […]

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Making mattress companies part of the no-bedbug solution

October 30, 2006

Are there any mattress companies who refuse to take away used mattresses? Most companies provide this “helpful service” (which helps spread bedbugs to otherwise uninfested brand new mattresses). If there are any who don’t — and who use their own trucks (so we can be certain they’re not hauling old mattresses for some other outfit) […]

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