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New bed bug monitor #2: the CDC 3000

October 23, 2008

We heard some time ago that there was more than one new bed bug monitor in development. Nightwatch is expected to ship mid-November. But a second new bed bug monitor, the CDC 3000, or Cimex Detection Case, so named because it comes cleverly packed into a portable (!) non-descript black handled case, will be launched […]

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How can I catch a bed bug? How do I know I have bed bugs?

February 18, 2008

Attention! Since this FAQ was written (2/2008) many advances have been made in detecting bed bugs using active and passive bed bug monitors. Active bed bug monitors are available which did not exist when forum users suggested the methods below. Canine scent detection (bed bug dogs) are also more common every day. Please read this […]

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