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Bed bugs do not need to stand on your skin in order to feed (photos)

February 25, 2013

Bed bugs don’t actually need to stand on your skin to feed. These images from entomologist Lou Sorkin (who feeds a colony of bed bugs kept for research purposes) show bed bugs can “reach out and bite someone,” so to speak. Lou Sorkin describes this photo as follows: 1. Cimex in a vial

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Bed bugs should be considered public health threat, Canadian researchers claim

February 16, 2013

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press showcases a new study by seven Canadian public health experts and physicians, which suggests bed bugs can and should be considered a public health threat, even though they are not known to transmit disease. According to the Winnipeg Free Press: “Because bedbugs have not been proven to transmit disease […]

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Amazing high resolution photos of bed bugs

January 22, 2011

This is a tricky post.  On the one hand, many of you will find these high resolution photos of bed bugs from Richard Naylor to be absolutely fascinating. On the other hand, many of you — perhaps especially those whose bed bug problems are recent, or not yet solved — will find them horrifying.  They’re […]

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Bed bugs found at Catawba College, Wake Forest, NYU, Penn State & Missouri State

September 16, 2010

It’s that time of year: “Welcome to college.  Meet your new roommates: bed bugs!” Whenever lots of people move around, bed bugs will too.  And in the first few weeks of the new semester, we always hear reports of bed bugs turning up at college.   As with the bed bug press in general, it does […]

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Alex Wild’s amazing bed bug photos

September 18, 2009

Warning: not for anyone with a current bed bug infestation. Check out Alex Wild’s amazing shots of bed bugs on the Myrmecos Blog, and in his photogallery. I really like the one shown last on the blog, with the bed bug fighting its way through a host’s hair. Cool shots. I mean, gross!

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Bed bugs in NightWatch active bed bug monitor (photo)

September 15, 2009

This photo shows bed bugs trapped in a Nightwatch active bed bug monitor. Flickr Photo: “Bedbugs in NightWatch trap.” You can see another shot of the Nightwatch with bed bugs in it from a greater distance here. All Rights Reserved by David P. James Thanks, David, for allowing us to share your photos with Bedbugger […]

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Screw head filled with bed bug eggs (photo)

September 15, 2009

We’re happy to share more of David P. James’s bed bug photos, with his permission. This one is captioned, “Bed bug eggs in a screwhead of a bed’s headboard, this deep harborage is why bedbugs are so difficult to control.” Flickr Photo: Screw head filled with bedbug eggs. All rights Reserved by David P. James

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Bed bugs on a bed rail frame (photo)

September 15, 2009

This photo by David P. James is captioned Bed rail frame, 2nd place I look for bed bugs. The oblong white thing in the middle? A sticky note tells us it’s “a freshly hatched bed bug egg.” All Rights Reserved by David P. James

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Photos of bed bugs in a wooden bed frame, head board, and box spring

February 21, 2009

The following photos come from Lou Sorkin — pictures of bed bugs and eggs harboring in a bed (headboard, frame, mattress, etc.). All photos and descriptions above courtesy of Louis Sorkin, All Rights Reserved. Many thanks to Lou, for sharing these with us! (All descriptions follow the photo they describe.) Bed frame, headboard & box […]

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Bed bugs also causing havoc in England & Northern Ireland: university residence, hospital staff residence, possibly a school, infested

June 19, 2007

In light of the story from Ireland today, I wanted to check in on England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and so I looked through the BBC’s coverage of bed bugs over the past year. On August 17th, 2006 the BBC reported that a residence for doctors and nurses in a hospital in Fermanagh, Northern […]

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