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NY Press spreads potentially bad ideas about bed bug treatment

February 17, 2010

A story in the New York Press yesterday tells the tale of a pest tech’s daily work.   He rides around in a car covered on the inside in Delta Dust: Plus, everything in Frank’s car, including us, is covered with a fine white powder. It’s called Delta Dust, and its active ingredient is the neurotoxin […]

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Bed bug killer: Ohio’s Propoxur Section 18 label exemption request

January 27, 2010

Brad Harbison has a new article in PCT Online with more background on Ohio’s EPA request for a Section 18 label exemption request for Propoxur, the process it went through, its current status (“wait and see”), and the prognosis for other states following suit, should it be successful. The change would allow Propoxur to be […]

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NYC Department of Education advertises for bed bug killer

November 17, 2009

The New York City DOE is hiring someone to identify and kill bed bugs in NYC schools: From today’s New York Post: The Department of Education is advertising for a killer — soliciting bids for the “identification and extermination of bedbugs within the schools citywide.” A listing in yesterday’s City Record said a contract with […]

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Bed bug killer

March 26, 2009

Bed bug Originally uploaded by Francesca Tronchin

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