Bed Bug Helloise

Hints from Heloise on bed bugs at the dry cleaner’s; remember Bed Bug Helloise?

June 24, 2011

Back in the earlier days of this blog, we used to feature a sassy older blogger who went by the nom de plume Bed Bug Helloise, sharing her hints for beating bed bugs and living a post-bed bug life with aplomb and style. As her 2006 introduction stated, Bed Bug Helloise is neither a professional […]

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Hints from Bed Bug Helloise: Hollywood purse hook, anyone?

July 8, 2008

Hints from Bed Bug Helloise has been on a long hiatus. Our Helloise doesn’t often see anything she wants to share with Bedbuggers. We all have too much stuff anyway, don’t we? But she recently came across this item: the Hollywood Purse Hook. The manufacturers claim it will hold a purse dangling from a table […]

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Queries from Bed Bug Helloise: hanging clothes storage?

September 30, 2007

A reader on the forums asked a question about those zippered clothes closets being used to store clothing during a bed bug infestation. Nobugs and Doug both answered (so far). But Nobugs ceded this to my hands, since I am the person responsible for helpful hints. I have not a hint, however, but a query: […]

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Hints from Bed Bug Helloise: a quick, cheap side table!

August 31, 2007

Thanks to our Anonymous commenter today who suggested this: A great “side table” for Bedbuggers: it’s really a thick glass vase turned upside down. At $60, it’s a cute idea and not a bad deal, and something you could use for other purposes as well. Side table? Bedside table? Enormous vase?!? Check out Blueprint magazine […]

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handy tip: bed bug feces identification

March 17, 2007

Goodness, what a day. Bed Bug Helloise would share this, but she blushes and becomes speechless when poop is under discussion. She’s a funny old thing. Tip from a reader, who heard it from Lou Sorkin: try dabbing a bit of hydrogen peroxide (rather than water) on those little black specks you find in your […]

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