bed bug bites

“I don’t know if they’re going to get rid of them.”

July 16, 2011

The following NBC 10 video report from the Towers East 150-unit apartment complex in Pawtucket, Rhode Island is disturbing, yet all too typical. It’s not disturbing for the reason so many bed bug news reports are — there is no footage of bed bugs scurrying up the wall or across someone’s skin. But the story […]

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Bed bug product industry sinks to new low

May 6, 2011

Can anyone explain to me how placing a polypropylene cover on top of your seat in a movie theater will prevent bed bugs which may be in the seat or in the theater from biting you or hitching a ride home with you in your clothing or possessions? Can you give me any reason on […]

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Bed bugs found in several rooms at New Jersey psychiatric hospital

March 7, 2011

The Jersey Journal reported today that two rooms at the Meadowview Psychiatric Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey have been vacant since bed bugs were found in them: A patient in Room 306 of the Meadowview Psychiatric Hospital reported a bite on Jan. 11 and subsequent testing revealed that there was a bedbug infestation in Room […]

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British Airways customer tells horrific bug story

February 24, 2011

Note:The following story has been edited to reflect new information which became available after it was written. Be sure and read the “updates” below for a fuller picture. The Financial Times reports today a customer’s claim about encountering bed bugs on a recent British Airways flight (or flights). (Note: The Financial Times requires free registration […]

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Bed bug bites drive Indian train passengers to deboard and demand a new carriage

February 16, 2011

View Larger Map After complaining about bed bug bites for just under a hundred kilometers, twenty-two passengers in a bed bug-infested railway compartment in India got off their train yesterday, and demanded railway officials provide them with a new train carriage. The Times of India reports that Tormented by bedbugs, passengers in one of the […]

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“Adapting parasites to combat disease” patent applied for by Microsoft

January 17, 2011

File under “mad scientists.” Microsoft has applied for a patent for “adapting parasites to combat disease,” as follows: United States Patent Application: 0110010782: Kind Code A1 Horvitz; Eric J. ; et al. January 13, 2011 ADAPTING PARASITES TO COMBAT DISEASE Abstract Provided are systems and/or methods that facilitate sensing, detecting, logging, or treatment of a […]

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Burlington, Vermont hospital focuses on bed bug prevention

January 17, 2011

Although they have not yet found bed bugs in any inpatient units, a Burlington, Vermont hospital is taking steps to prevent bed bugs and to help employees learn to detect them. According to this press release, Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington now has the following policies in place (bolded below): Bed Bug Prevention Policy: […]

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Christmas Dinner Chez Lou

December 25, 2010

Lou shared some unusual photos today of his bed bug colony feeding — the bugs are in an atypical feeding posture, lying down on their backs. With his characteristic humor, Lou wrote, “Not sure if they ate too much or are basically just lazy after dining out.” Merry Christmas, everyone, and may all your bed […]

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Bed bugs in the London Review of Books & Sunday Times Magazine

December 22, 2010

Hugh Pennington takes bed bugs as his subject in the January 6, 2011 edition of the London Review of Books. I was glad to see the story published, and it is interesting on some levels, but falls short on others. My main concern here is that Pennington reiterates several times that bed bugs “have only […]

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Bed bug bites only evidence of bed bugs: is landlord obliged to treat?

December 16, 2010

The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western Division awarded Jefferson City, Mo. tenants one month’s rent ($405) after their landlord under-responded to a bed bug complaint — one based apparently only on suspected bed bug bites. Case: Craig and Laura Kolb v. DeVille I Properties, WD72305 KOMU reports, The appeals court panel came to the conclusion […]

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Milwaukee Hospital quarantines patients based on suspected bed bug bites

November 17, 2010

This is a strange story. reported Tuesday that Two suspected cases of bedbugs were discovered on patients who may have brought them to a Milwaukee hospital. Actually, if you read on, you find out that there were no bed bugs (or other evidence besides suspected bed bug bites) sighted at all. Aurora Sinai Medical […]

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Bed bug bites may make hospital patients more vulnerable to MRSA

November 8, 2010

[This post refers to a Crain’s New York story which we now know contains inaccurate quotes. Please see corrections in the Update below.] This is scary not quite as scary as the article implies: Cornell entomologist Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann believes that there’s notes there may be a link between patients experiencing bed bug bites in […]

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