New PCT podcast with Dr. Michael Potter

June 13, 2008

The following podcast from PCT features an interview with Dr. Michael Potter. Potter discusses the the increased awareness about bed bugs (a good thing), the discomfort and stress experienced by bed bug sufferers, the need for Pest Control Operators to “do bed bugs” well. He also discusses the upcoming PCT bed bug seminars where he […]

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New Yorkers: Lou Sorkin on the radio Tuesday at 10:40 am

November 12, 2007

Tune into WBAI 99.5 in New York City tomorrow morning at 10:40 to hear longtime Bedbugger contributor Lou Sorkin (entomologist from the American Museum of Natural History) talk about bed bugs (and other bugs). I am not sure what proportion of the program will discuss bed bugs, but we can hope it will be a […]

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NPR’s Morning Edition: not blasting any preconceptions about bed bugs

August 23, 2007

Bed bugs were the subject of a report on Morning Edition this morning. While it is always good that bed bugs are in the news, I have a few issues with the way this story was presented. First, NPR fell into the trap of describing bed bug bites as if they always look the same: […]

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bed bugs on NPR again: “Bed bugs spiralling out of control all over” according to Richard Cooper

March 28, 2007

Richard Cooper on Leonard Lopate again (download mp3 or listen to streaming audio here). Last year at around the same time, Leonard Lopate did a bed bug show (which is a must-listen, perhaps even a bit more interesting than this one in some respects: click here for the 2006 edition). Highlights in today’s update: Cooper […]

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Bed bugs being raised at Virginia Tech urban pest management labs

November 6, 2006

Virginia Tech grad students are raising bed bugs to be used in scientific experiments, as described in this 90 second A Touch of Tech podcast. Click here to listen to an mp3 (it is very short). Scientists will use the “livestock” to “try to find a chink in the bed bug armor” which may lead […]

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