DBB-N: NYC Disclosure of Bed Bug Infestation History

September 15, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new DBB-N: Notice to Tenant: Disclosure of Bed bug Infestation history forms are now being issued by landlords to prospective tenants. With the fear of bedbugs sweeping across New York City, state housing officials have issued a new disclosure form requiring landlords to reveal whether or not the […]

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“The Hunt”: bed bugs in New York real estate

June 7, 2009

Remember Joyce Cohen’s New York Times column “The Hunt” — which features New York tenants searching for just the right apartment?  In 2007, two separate columns in three months described young couples ending their searches in an apartment with bed bugs. In September 2007, it was Tabitha Shick and Benjamin Klein.  Then, in December, we […]

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University of Manitoba student rooms infested with bed bugs

June 5, 2009

Several dorm rooms at the University of Manitoba are infested with bed bugs; they’re undergoing treatment, and residents have been relocated to temporary accommodation. While university officials here are “taking the issue very seriously,” according to CBC, they’re also assuring the media that bed bugs are “not a health risk” (as officials almost always do). […]

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New Jersey Assembly passes “bed bug bill” A-3203

February 8, 2009

The New Jersey Assembly considered the “bed bug bill” A-3203 on Thursday, and it passed 74-3! You can read more about it in the Press of Atlantic City, which writes, Under the bill approved by a 74-3 vote in the Assembly, landlords of multiple-dwelling units must have bed-bug infestations removed as soon as they learn […]

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Law student sues over bed bugs in Reserve Square apartments, Cleveland

November 19, 2008

James F. McCarty of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Monday that A law student has sued one of downtown Cleveland’s chicer high-rises, contending that bedbugs drove him from two apartments — and flying gnats from a third. In his lawsuit, Joshua Bobrowsky said the blood-sucking vermin in three Reserve Square apartments left him with painful […]

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Bed bugs in a University of Alberta residence (again)

July 17, 2008

Edmonton Journal: Bed bugs in the Newton Place apartments at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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The bed bug times are a’ changin’, ever so slowly

May 22, 2008

Or so it would seem. Earlier this week, there was the bed bug bill in the U.S. Congress. And yesterday, an article in the Maine Switch (a website for those in Greater Portland) about the city’s yearly trash pick-up of bulky trash items. Not surprisingly, the day is a yearly impromptu festival for bargain hunters […]

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Bed bugs in Time Out New York’s Apartment issue

April 25, 2008

Every spring, Time Out New York does an issue on the apartment rental market. The 2008 issue, out this week, features a story where an interior decorator, plumber, and pest control operator go into prospective rental units and inspect them. The “exterminator” (Samuel Soto of First Rate Exterminators) is looking for roaches, rats, and bed […]

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So the Craigslist guy is escaping his bed bug-infested dorm for… Greenpoint?!?

December 15, 2007

Remember this guy? Well, he’s back. And it’s hard to believe, but he sounds even less charming than last time. He updates the world that his dorm bed bugs have come back, and he is now moving to a non-bed bug-infested apartment in Greenpoint. (Dude, no bed bugs in Greenpoint?!? Maybe that old landlord has […]

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What could be crappier than bed bugs?

December 14, 2007

Fixing up a ‘Crappy Apartment’ — amNY has a series called “Fixing up a ‘Crappy Apartment.’” Perhaps a bedbugger will get in touch, though our problem is both too complex and too simple to make a good fix-em-up story. “Get rid of bed bugs” is the simple–but not easy–fix.

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December 12, 2007 is a way to check what other tenants are saying about your building. It is not widely used, but like anything else, can be another tool, along with the Don’t forget to leave your review and warn others. There are 623 posts today featuring “bed bugs.” Don’t forget to search for “bedbugs” too! […]

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NYTimes real estate “Hunt” results in bed bugs for second time in 12 weeks

December 2, 2007

Remember back in September, when the New York Times column “The Hunt” featured a young couple who moved five times in two-and-a-half years, only to end up in an apartment with bed bugs? I am astonished to find that, not even three months later, a second “The Hunt” column results in a bedbugged apartment. In […]

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