apartmentratings.com on bed bugs; realtor warns clients about bed bugs; tenant.net on bedbugs; more video from Cincinnati

December 12, 2007

Apartmentratings.com is a way to check what other tenants are saying about your building. It is not widely used, but like anything else, can be another tool, along with the bedbugregistry.com. Don’t forget to leave your review and warn others. There are 623 posts today featuring “bed bugs.” Don’t forget to search for “bedbugs” too! […]

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Escaping tenants leaving crumbs, marking the bed bug trail

April 26, 2007

Here in NYC, many tenants won’t call 311, the city hotline, to report bed bugs, no matter how bad they get or how poorly the landlord is dealing with the situation. Elsewhere, people report fear of reporting their bed bug problems to building inspectors or public health, even though in most localities, landlords are responsible […]

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