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A tale of another city: Monticello, NY low-income tenants 1, slumlord 0

July 4, 2007

The Times Herald-Record reports today that a Monticello, NY building was seriously infested with bed bugs and had other code violations. In some ways, it was similar to Denver’s Halcyon House, in that the residents don’t have much money, and they were being made to live under inhumane conditions, in violation of housing codes. Halcyon […]

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More bad news about Denver’s bed bug-infested Halcyon House

June 28, 2007

The bed-bug-infested building which houses mostly elderly and disabled tenants in Denver, Halcyon House, was in the news again today. Ivan Moreno reports for the Rocky Mountain News that the court date finally arrived; the owners sent an attorney to represent them (they’re in Maine), and they were fined $41 for “failing to spray for […]

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Washington YWCA infested with bed bugs: more elderly, low-income residents being left to itch

June 28, 2007

Omar Fekeiki reported in the Washington Post yesterday that the historic 117-room Phillis Wheatley YWCA at 901 Rhode Island Ave. NW in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC is infested with bed bugs, among other problems. (It’s not affiliated with the national YWCA.) The ladies who live there are now withholding rent. Protesting residents who […]

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More on Denver’s Halcyon House and bed bugs

June 21, 2007

Thanks to Hopelessnomo for the link. Rocky Mountain News Service has an article today by a journalist whose friend Steve is a quadriplegic living in Halcyon House, with bed bugs. It may be the worst thing I’ve read about bed bugs, period. The building has all kinds of other problems, which are horrific in themselves, […]

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Government money needed to help people pay for bed bug treatment

June 18, 2007

According to this article in TownOnline, the Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation has announced that its grants to people with bed bugs (to help pay for treatment) have run out for this fiscal year. Their program is state-funded, and they’re hoping for more funds. The ABCDC is the only group in Massachusetts that helps people pay […]

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Denver’s elderly, disabled, fight bed bug Shaq attack

June 16, 2007

This one is going to break your heart, and piss you off. The Rocky Mountain News reported Friday on a Denver infestation in a 197-unit building called Halcyon House that houses disabled and elderly people in affordable units. Nasty, badly kept, bed bug-infested affordable units (oh, and did I mention the plumbing was broken too?) […]

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