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Once more around the “bed bugs are not a health problem” maypole

January 7, 2010

Providers of affordable housing in Kingston, Ontario are pleading with the city to help them fund efforts to get rid of bed bugs in their rental units. Frontenac EMC news reports, “I think we have a major problem,” said Coun. Joyce MacLeod-Kane, who serves on the committee of non-profit Town Homes Kingston, one of the […]

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160-unit Richmond, California complex evacuated for tent fumigation of bed bugs

October 9, 2009

Remember the 160-unit Hacienda high rise in Richmond, California? We suggested last month that one bed bug spray treatment probably would not be enough to get rid of bed bugs in this affordable housing complex.  And sadly, we were right. The backstory on this is that tenants council complained to the city about bed bugs […]

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Cincinnati fights bed bugs, declares some success

January 10, 2008

Cincinnati held a meeting yesterday about bed bugs. Channel 9 (ABC) said yesterday: The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority will show the Health, Environment and Education Committee a presentation on the pests. Officials said bed bugs are a big problem in the city’s public housing, which is overseen by the Housing Authority. According to Channel 12, […]

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Ventura County motel closure makes many families homeless at Christmas

December 24, 2007

Catholic Charities is one group trying to help those displaced when the Traveler’s Beach Inn was shut down due to bed bugs and electrical problems, the Ventura County Star reported Saturday. The week before Christmas and raining, to boot, some 14 families were tipped out of a Ventura inn because of electrical hazards and an […]

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bed bugs in Greenpoint (NYC), Stamford (CT), Glenwood Springs (CO), and the Internets (.com)

December 10, 2007

Slightly delayed news round-up: » ‘Tis The Season: Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite! miss heather of shares a current photo of suspected bed bug refuse at the Astral Apartments in Greenpoint, and shares an article from exactly 121 years ago, decrying the need for “quality affordable housing”, free of vermin. Glenwood Springs Post […]

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a bed bug story from Hawai’i; Fagerlund on aerosol bombs and pesticides

November 26, 2007

Hawai’i: Kamehameha housing project infested with bed bugs “Eight people share a two-bedroom apartment in Leslie’s family. . . . Recently, they had to get rid of three beds and a sofa infested by bedbugs — ‘My kids were eaten alive!’ Most of them have been sleeping on the floor until donated beds arrive, but […]

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bed bug news for 2007-11-14

November 13, 2007 | Battling bedbugs is not easy: Joe Fiorito talks to Steve Floros of Toronto Community Housing: This is a public housing official: “We have a program of unit refurbishment. We’re spending $75 million over three years to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms; we want to seal every crack so there isn’t free ability of the […]

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More from Cincinnati: senior housing complex

October 5, 2007

According to Channel 12 WKRC in Cincinnati (doesn’t Howard Hesseman work there?), residents at the Hillrise Apartment building, which is owned by Cincinnati Business & Professional Women’s Retirement Living Incorporated, are suffering from various issues including bed bugs. Calvin Merritt’s problems at Hillrise Apartments are pretty simple. “Mostly bugs, roaches and all that…” The “all […]

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Portland’s public housing and bed bugs

September 26, 2007

According to, Bed bugs are spreading in Greater Portland (Maine). The brief article describes how Raymond Leavitt sees “dozens of bed bugs” at night in his Portland apartment. Officials with the Portland Housing Authority, who oversee Franklin Towers where Raymond lives, say bed bugs are a problem in most of their properties. They say […]

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Bed bugs in New Haven: why can’t housing officials solve the problem?

August 13, 2007

When we first heard part of New Haven’s Crawford Manor public housing was infested with bed bugs, housing officials were taking the infestations seriously (good) but also moving tenants from infested home to local hotels and then other apartments (not good), and also rushing to blame a woman who carries her belongings around and has […]

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New Haven: another housing complex has bed bugs

July 31, 2007

We recently reported the rise of bed bugs in the Crawford Manor apartments and the University of Bridgeport, both in New Haven, CT. Now another housing complex, Essex Townhouses, is infested, as reported by The article focuses on Kathyrn Abreu, 73, and her daughter Kathyrn Yukness. The mother, Abreu, says, “I lost my 2-beds, […]

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Vancouver Downtown Eastside Residents ask politicians to swap homes with them

July 7, 2007

Chantal Eustace of the Vancouver Sun reported Friday that VANCOUVER – City councillors aren’t jumping at a chance to swap their homes with a group of women living in poverty in the squalid Downtown Eastside. Eight of 10 city councillors who reflected on an eight-week housing challenge put forth by the Power of Women Group […]

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