questions about and how to use it

by nobugsonme on July 13, 2007

How do I use this blog? Where do I start?

I’m not in the USA. Can you tell me where to buy XL ziplocs, or what a mattress cover is called in this country?

DE? PCOs? “bites”? Can you explain some of the words on the site?

How can I get in touch? I want to comment, but am afraid people will know my identity. Can I comment anonymously?

Do you have anything in another language besides English?

FAQs: Bedbugger en español: (Preguntas Frecuentes)

From Health Canada, en francais: les punaises de lit

Also from the Boston Public Health Commission:
Espanol? Chinches de cama. Russian? Chinese?

Where can I read about other’s bed bug infestations and what they’re doing? Where can I share my horror story or ask questions about a bed bug problem? You can do this in the forums. Read or comment on the archived Tales of Bed Bug Woe by clicking here.

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