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Zip N Go Space Bags at Big Lots $4.00 for 5

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  1. bitten123

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Oct 30 2008 8:59:41

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    Big Lots (a store for those that don't have them) has Space Bags for $4.00. These are the same weight as the large Ziplocs and they have a zipper top like the Hefty. The zipper is not as good as the Hefty but they seal shut very well. The price is good 5 bags 2 xxl and 3 xl for $4.00 I found them at Big Lots in the section with plastic storage bags ziplocs for food.

    It is a good price, I thought it might help someone.

    Here is link to what the box looks like except this shows 4 bags and ones at store have 5 bags. I love these bags!

  2. Itchy-Scratchy

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Oct 30 2008 13:22:24

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    In Canada, they are now carrying space bags at Dollarama -- a box of 2 for $1.

    Just like the ones you mention bitten, these ones have the same weight but the zipper begins to fail after they've been opened and closed more than 6 times. But excellent for long-term storage, where you won't be opening and closing it all the time.

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