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Worried that I brought bugs back from vacation

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  1. Waxenwings

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Aug 2 2017 12:28:35

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    I just got back from a weeklong vacation. While I was away, I stayed in a hostel for four of the days. I started waking up with bites each morning but thought they were mosquitoes at first-- it wasn't until the third or fourth day that bedbugs crossed my mind. I couldn't find any evidence of them besides bites, but given the clusters of raised bumps that appeared along my arms, my legs, and even my ears, I'm 95% sure I was dealing with bedbugs.

    I stayed at a friend's house the last few nights of vacation and as soon as I arrived, I washed everything-- my backpack and the duffle bag I took to the hostel as well as all my clothes. I dried everything on high heat a few times over and then packed all my clothes in vacuum sealed space bags.

    When I got home on Sunday night, I threw all my clothes into a sealed garbage bag. I threw my luggage (suitcase/backpack-- I threw away the duffel bag) into another sealed garbage bag and all my books and miscellany into one more bag.

    I've washed and dried all my clothes on high heat several times over now. I've put most of my things in a plastic bin that I've lined with double-sided tape and have double bagged everything else. I live in a city so I don't have the ability to leave things outside for several days unattended. I was thinking of taking things by the pier and letting the summer sun bake everything for several days over. Is there anything else I can do that might be more effective?

    Also, I THINK I may have been bitten by a bug once or twice over the last several days. There's a relatively fresh looking welt on my left hand and there may be one on my face, though I'm not sure about this one because it's reacting so much less than every other bite. Unlike my other bites though, both of these, if they are bedbug bites, have been isolated instead of coming in clumps of 2-3. Could this be a delayed reaction to a bite I got while I was abroad or a sign that one or two have somehow escaped quarantine in my apartment?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Aug 2 2017 12:49:21

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    Skin reactions are not a good indicator, too many variables. With the lack of supporting evidence, fecal deposits, cast skins or live samples, it would be best to monitor at this point.

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