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worried about the chemicals your PCO is using?

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  1. gonebuggy

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Thu May 8 2008 15:54:10

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    I have a toddler and am an organic eater, so I had a huge freakout after my PCO sprayed my place with horrible-smelling chemicals.

    Here is what I learned:

    -Ask specifically what your PCO is spraying - the brand name and active ingredient. (Mine was Onslaught.)
    -Google the brand name and read the label. Find the active ingredient. Look at what specifically it can be sprayed on (many specifically should not be sprayed on mattresses - my now-former PCO sprayed my mattress). Look at how often it can be sprayed (my now-former PCO wanted to spray again in 7 days, when the label says to wait 2 weeks minimum).
    -Look up the active ingredient on and decide how you feel about it.

  2. Buggybumpers

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri May 6 2011 23:40:25

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    I have had already had six sprayings and I don't even know what chemical the PCO is using. He deals with the manager and not me. All I know is it smells awful. Now I am due for another on Monday. Has anyone know anything about the hazards of being exposed to BB killing chemicals so many times? I will probably have to move but have not yet found an apartment. Still, the BBs are biting me just as much as ever. I don't know whether it's just because they never did keep up with their reproduction process or because I got a small hole in my box spring encasement. Now I have two encasements on the box spring but I think I should really just get rid of the bed ASAP as that has been the focal point of my light but persistent infestation. I have gotten regular bouts of asthma since this spraying began whereas previously it never happened. But I can't just let these damned bugs breed until I find somewhere else to go. So no choice. The landlord also said they would try steaming the apartment as well. Okay, all to the good--but I have never heard of a one BR apartment with one occupant having to be sprayed so many times in six months! Please help as I am quite worried and have a small girl here quite often, too. I never walk barefoot in my place any longer and don't allow her to, either. By now my carpet must be absolutely toxic, as much chemical as fiber.

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