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Wish me luck

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  1. Pissedmama

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Fri Feb 9 2018 2:59:13

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    Today I had my arbitration with the tenancy board of British Columbia and the property management. I am going for all out of pocket costs including my mattress.
    I feel good about it as we got the bugs from the neighbors ( we share a bedroom wall) and the caretaker told them not to tell anyone and did not use a good pco then refused to do anything when the neighbors could not get rid of them. I am asking for 7.5k.

    So far we have been bed bug free since Dec 19. I still haven't unpacked and probably wont for a while. I am still on high alert.

    I vacuum every 2 days. When do you think I can stop throwing out the vacuum bag after every use?

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