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will two treatments with Suspend C do the trick?

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  1. Justmovedhere

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Dec 1 2014 20:29:25

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    The PCO came twice to my apartment to spray. He is using Suspend C. After the first time I found a dead bed bug. After the second time I found what I think was a dead bug--I accidentally squished it while trying to collect it and it squirted blood, it's been about a week since the pco came, so I guess my question is could the blood be left over from an old drink, or would it be a new bite?

    The weird thing is the bug was in my kitchen. Main infestation was in the living room and possibl py bedroom. I have yet to see any signs of nymphs etc, just adults, which makes me worried that there is an infestation somewhere else and these guys are just trickling out of there. There was a confirmed bed bug infestation in the apartment below.

    The pco thinks that, with two sprayings of suspend c, he has taken care of the problem. I guess I'm just not so confident. My understanding is suspend c is used in areas where you repeatedly apply, and that bugs can develop resistance to it. Worried he is creating a super bug here!

    We just moved here and are about to get furniture, but now I don't want to invest $$$ in furniture if it's just going to get infested. On top of that we have family coming to visit for Christmas and hoping to stay with is. Argh.

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Dec 1 2014 21:59:22

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    Dear just,

    Sorry you're going through this and hope it's resolved as quickly as possible !

    Suspend SC was the product we used years ago but we've moved on toe superior choices.

    It should work to a degree depending upon where you're at and the bed bug population characteristics there.

    Note that there are any number of reasons that you may find a bed bug in your kitchen area based upon the information provided and I hat to apply absolutes to such situations when there are many variables to consider.

    In the meanwhile, it will serve you well to keep your apartment neat, tidy and uncluttered until such time as the situation is totally under control and/or you choose to move if need be.

    You may also wish to consider things that you can do to help yourself as well !

    Please advise if any additional questions or concerns.


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