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Will they ever go away?

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  1. nosleepqueen

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Oct 27 2017 22:55:57

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    Hey everyone. Here I am, a new face to this new nightmare... and wondering if it'll ever go away.

    Warning to those who read this: It's a long, new forum post. But please, I beg you... take the time to read it. I need help and the people I live with who are "sick of hearing about it" are driving me insane. I need closure and advice from others who know what I'm going through...

    A little background. My grandparents dealt with a previous infestation last year that got WAY out of control. I used to live with them before the infestation happened, then my grandmother started getting lonely... and reaching out to family. She had a lot of visitors come and go after I moved out with my parents, which is how we believe the infestation started... but since then it's only worsened. I was the one that alerted them to the possibility of bed bugs in Spring 2015, when I visited and got "mystery bites" on my hip. They were extremely itchy, and at first I thought they were fleas. At the time this happened, an older lady (whom was a friend of my grandmothers) was living with them temporarily, but had her own place up in Toronto. She had a dog that lived with them for some time. I thought that perhaps the dog had gotten fleas and that was what was biting me, hence a million "am I getting bitten by fleas?" google searches later. But no, to my horror, they were not fleas - but bed bugs. We were told someone came in to treat the house. That turned out to be a lie. I visited again several months later, believing the problem to be gone, and was bitten eight to nine different times.

    Fast forward to this year. My grandparents had two other people living with them now (the older lady with the dog had since moved out). One is an older man who is terribly lazy and has no idea how to clean up after himself. The other lady is fairly clean and was VERY very sick of the bed bugs. The lady is my family, the man is not. They moved out of the old infested house in July into this sparkly, brand new house. They thought the problem was behind them. They got rid of practically all of their furniture and replaced it all. When I say ALL, I mean it... beds, couches, tables... everything. Convinced they were free of the bed bugs, they relaxed... but it wasn't that easy.

    My parents are both extremely abusive and would isolate me for years. It was both physical and mental abuse I'm still recovering from. I won't go into much detail, but it's caused me tons of psychological issues that'll be too long to describe. I turn 20 in December and was sick of living in fear all the time. In August I said enough was enough. I left for a week to try and ground myself and was kicked out for trying to leave. My grandparents (bless their hearts) offered to let me live with them until I graduated. I'm both very sensitive to bed bugs AND I have an extreme fear of bugs, so you can probably see how me discovering them again became a problem.

    I was bitten three times on my elbow, then again a week later - twice, on my arm. That night I skipped classes and stayed the night bagging and cleaning, and you can imagine who I called right away.

    Immediately I hired an exterminator to come and fumigate. The first treatment, he said, "would get rid of the adults and not the eggs", so a second treatment was necessary two weeks later. My grandparents (including me) cannot afford a heat treatment, so this was our only option. During the first week after the first treatment, I hadn't been bitten once up until the night before the second treatment. I saw bugs from time to time, but they were sluggish and out in the open... not hiding. Bed frames and posts were dusted and since then have shown no signs. On Saturday, October 21st, we had the second treatment done that was guaranteed to get rid of them all, newly hatched nymphs and eggs alike... or so he said.

    I want to believe him. He knew what he was doing. But I know a huge reason why you still see them and they never go away is due to reintroduction from the tennants or improper maintenance after treatment. In the back of my mind, I'm scared that this is exactly what's happening, but not from me or my grandparents.

    Alas, I tried to relax. Like many of you here, I was losing sleep and living out of plastic bags. Every day I dried, washed, vacuumed. I sprayed. I set traps. I wasn't pulling up much. Since they've lived here for three months, the infestation I saw before the first treatment was pretty bad, but not as severe as at the old house. I thought I caught what I like to assume was a "mild infestation" and that with care and diligence I could help get rid of it.

    What they didn't have before was a keen eye and a seriousness for the situation like I do. They're also both old and can't tame the house after treatments, which is what I've been doing. I've played by the 55-day rule. I refuse to let them put clothes back into their dressers or wear clothes out of the house that haven't been washed. Everything I wear either gets dried before I leave or I wear the same pajamas to ensure I'm not being bitten. "Until I don't see anymore for weeks, we need to keep everything bagged. We need to keep cleaning. We need to keep drying." I repeat that in my head every day.

    So, the second treatment has happened. No bites so far. But just tonight I saw one on the carpet. It was grown and not sluggish. I killed it and (since the guy is at work) went to inspect the room he sleeps in. Remember... this guy is lazy and does not clean. We believe he reintroduced them. I found three adults hidden in the sheets. I haven't found any others and they weren't full of blood. I pulled back the sheets and mattress and have found none except for those, but I suspect more are hiding. Now... I don't know what to do. I'm freaking out and shaking. Earlier this week as well, the lady that lives with us said she found one in the sheets. I also found one on the dresser. These were sluggish and very slow. They were in the room he sleeps in (the worst one). The bed is the only not new piece of furniture. I KNOW IT'S FROM HIM. But no bites and no other noticeable activity besides there.

    Last week I visited my boyfriend and brought a night bag with me. That night when I came back, I left the bag unattended for a few hours on top of a chair and came back to see a single bed bug on my pajama pants (which was sitting in the opened bag). No others. My boyfriend has been living a nightmare I assume as I cry, praying I did not spread them. I'm freaking out. I'm losing my mind. I don't know what to do. Is it normal that I'm still seeing some? Even adults?

    Will they ever be gone? That's what I want to know. I just wanted to escape from my abusive home. I want to live a normal life. I'm sick of crying myself to sleep every night because I'm not happy. My one chance at redemption and now the bed bugs are controlling every aspect of it. I'm scared to sleep, to sit on the ground. It doesn't help that my bed hasn't come in so I'm sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. I've delayed furniture deliveries until after the second treatment in fear that new mattresses will just get infested. The good news - the exterminator said that after the second treatment, if a third one is needed, he will do a third treatment for free. But still.

    I need some peace of mind. Will they ever be gone? What do I do about the lazy tennant who also lives with us? How do I possibly stop this nightmare from going on? I don't want to spend thousands of dollars to have this treated only for it to get ruined. I AM SICK OF THESE THINGS. I hallucinate and have nightmares about them. Since the treatments, I have not been bitten like I was before, but I'm now seeing them in the open instead of where I discovered them before- hiding.

    Is this normal? And will they ever be gone? I am sick of having anxiety attacks. I shake as I write this. I hate them and am scared of them and I want them gone.

    Any help or advice is greatly needed. I've scavenged this site and it's forums (the oh so helpful forums!) night after night for hours. While they've helped, I cannot shake the need to ask for help myself any longer... no one is taking this as seriously as I do. I need help. I'm sick of living in fear that I'm spreading them to my boyfriends, my friends. I am sick of no sleep. I'm sick of LOSING sleep. I'm sick of living in a barren room, afraid to order furniture.


    A very tired and afraid person just trying to go back to normal.

  2. hearty

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Oct 28 2017 14:07:38

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    Hi Nosleepqueen. So sorry for your stress. I also just recently posted for the first time after having them for 15 months. (Similar title to yours btw.) I am no expert, but understand the madness.
    It sounds like, from birdseye view, the best for you would be to get that 3rd treatment since you have proof of bbs, and most importantly getting rid of that one uncooperative tenant. He has GOT to cooperate or let you in to treat and follow up properly and he needs to abide by a 'to do' list to get on top of it within his environment. I know, easier said than done.
    I wonder if there is a way for you to still do what you can to get rid of them, and also not spread them, with less effort. I know it's so very complicated. Until they are GONE of course which WILL HAPPEN. You have to keep at it, it's a learning curve for us all until we finally get em.
    I gave myself some breaks here and there realizing that I might be overdoing certain routines. Trying to work more efficiently with less effort. I understand how impossible this sounds considering the horror we are dealing with. I hope you get more responses from pro's SOON!
    Wishing you peace of mind in midst of turmoil

  3. nosleepqueen

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Oct 29 2017 22:45:12

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    Hi Hardass (it seems weird saying that!)

    Thank you for responding. I'm sorry to see that you're going through a similar predicament!

    You're right. It would be wise of me to consider the third treatment. I am, as of this moment! Fortunately, since I made this post on Friday, I haven't seen any BB's. I also haven't been bitten by any. I also see no activity in the tennants room since finding the other bugs on the same day. I take these all as good signs, but refuse to let my guard down just yet. The moment I see another bug... third treatment begins. What sucks is that I have to wait until the weekend for another treatment, though. My grandparents (plus me) have nowhere to go in the event of a fumigation that would keep us out of the house for eight hours, and we cannot afford to rent a motel for the day.

    The tennant is another story, however. Everyone in the house agrees that he needs to cooperate. It is dire that he does and I feel the most aggressively about it! He has GOT to. We have treated the room, though - the whole entirety of the bed underneath has tons of dust and chemical treatment, meaning no bugs are able to get inside... or out. It's the ones (like I said) that can no longer hide - the ones that are scattering - that I see. The bugs that I did find are the ones interested in him, as they were hiding (those pests) in the sheets, but they were quickly disposed of and didn't seem to be filled with blood.

    My bed did come in and although I'm going to put the frame together, the mattress will stay completely sealed until I'm confident that they're gone. A 100% bed frame can be dusted, sprayed, and treated easily. A 500$ mattress? Not so much.

    I am trying to give myself breaks. Right now it's a constant fight of getting myself to know I'm not spreading them and that it's not AS BAD as what it used to be. I'm like, dude. You got it treated. You've only seen like, one or two starving bugs. You haven't been bitten! Stop freaking out! But it's hard to when the whole process starts at the sight of just one BB. I am definitely trying to work efficiently with less effort. While I still take extreme preventative measures, I definitely HAVEN'T been working as hard as when I first discovered them a few weeks ago... and so far, everything I've done seems to be working. Convincing myself of that is a different story.

    I'm only nineteen and a college student as well. Dealing with severe depression. It's a lot on my plate. I'm a graphic and merchandising student with a lot to do and still fighting the ongoing fight with my parents. It's tough. Real tough. I cried before getting on to type this. But your answer means a lot. Sorry for the word barf again - but thanks.

    I do hope your situation clears up as well. They are rotten nightmares that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

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