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Will my plan to keep my bed safe work?

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  1. Kelsey

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Nov 6 2017 19:11:21

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    Hey everyone. I'm new to this whole horrible bed bug situation. Long story short I just moved into an apartment building (first time on my own!) and turns out all 7!! Of the apartment buildings are infested! They can't get an exterminator for another 5 days and it's already been two weeks! Anyhow, I want to know if my plan to keep my bed safe will work... I've been staying with friends all these last 2 weeks but have to suck it up tonight and I'm very scared too, so I figured setting traps would give me some peace of kind. Mattress is already in a bedbug encasement, bed is pulled away from wall, got new sheets, vaccumed, double sided tape around my top mattress and now what I'm thinking is putting the beds legs in plastic cups and filling that with rubbing alcohol??? I know this may be over the top but no words can describe how uneasy I'm feeling about all of this. I know the bugs are in my unit as I am covered in bites and even caught one and trapped it in a jar and ziplock bag to show the landowner. If you have any other tips to help protect my bed please share! I just want a decent sleep without waking up at the slightest feeling all night. Also, I don't want to sleep in the living room as they may also be there (very small apartment) and my kitchen/bathroom are the only places I feel safe and don't want them hunting me out there and spreading more... thank you!

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