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why do they itch so long?

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  1. skritch

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Jun 10 2013 12:08:15

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    Mosquito bites only itch a few days but these bites seem to itch forever. I have one bite (it's a scar now) from a year ago that still acts up.

  2. Blackheart

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Jun 10 2013 19:05:09

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    Hi Scritch, I was saying the same thing a couple of days ago, "lingering sensations" (above tag) shows you interesting ideas which really helped me understand a little better. (Thanks to Nobugs for this info) btw.

    It was almost a year ago for me, and NO sign of bugs here, so I do understand your concern!


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