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Why are foggers harmful?

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  1. tricky

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Wed Aug 27 2008 12:29:29

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    Hey all,
    I have read the FAQs and I know that foggers are harmful, but why? I have no explanation for why I'm not using them when EVERYONE I know tells me to.

  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Wed Aug 27 2008 12:58:47

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    Here's my best answer. (I'm not a PCO. I didn't use any chemicals myself, although my PCO did use some).

    Most foggers contain particular types of chemical pesticides. Those chemical pesticides are not effective on bed bugs.

    Moreover, and I know, this is thinking way more about the daily habits of BB than I ever wanted to, bed bugs don't behave like most bugs. With roaches or ants, you put down chemicals that will get onto the bugs themselves and when the bugs groom themselves, they take those chemicals in. Or they eat things, like sugar. So you combine a chemical with sugar, and the ant consumes it.

    As one PCO recently pointed out, bed bugs sort of dance on their toes through your room. Only after they have a belly full of your blood is their anatomy changed enough that they drag their blood belly through any residuals on your floor/baseboard/etc. They don't eat anything except your blood, so you can't bait them they way they bait ants. And in some cases if they sense pesticide, they run away from it.

    For all those reasons, foggers don't work with them, and in fact may make them scatter to get away from it, making the infestation harder to treat. Even though I had bed bugs in my apartment for over a month and even though some were out and about during the day towards the end, they never left my bedroom because my cat and I fed them regularly. If we hadn't, they would have scattered to look for food. If I had disturbed their colony, they might have gone to ground.

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