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Who's were they? Mine or theirs?

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  1. bugs_bug_me

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Aug 13 2017 17:25:45

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    hello all,
    Seems either i or a friend would have i am a a multi-issue patient --parasitic phobia apparently also, long story to that 1 over head lice issues for a few years steady, and history of bug issues in general, cities and country towns bugs are everywhere. so friday stayed with a girlfriend and her family for a yardsale we were hosting early Satuday, the 3 of us adults did more clearing out sale stuff till dawn and our girls crashed on couch and floor as the normal in both our houses, i had thatn our blankets and a monster pillow off a old yardsale find chair that i recycled to a body llow, iv had a flea and germin roach issue as of late, but we have not seen bbs in 6 yrs and prior to 2 yrs b4 that had never seen 1 my mom being a 59 baby, living in very wet hot place some days this tin can trailer could get 120 if no air or fan ran, and marsh and trees all around, so as i never laid down friday so never went near the pillow , it laid with our bags of daily need for the next day....around 630am i start to carry my belongings to the front porch, when get to porch with things i see a bb on my backpack , kill it go on to looking at the other stuff now wondering where he would have come from something iv not noticed at my house or was it hers, find 3 more on the outside of pillow case and and another baby on my backpack when i looked again, now im in a small block of 4 trailers the people diagonal from me 150 yards had issue in 1 child but not others bed , had given me a desk just before finding her trouble , (now have 2 potential carriers, perhaps not just the chair the pillow belonged ) i wash anything and everything i can (tho didnt wash the pillow fluff) had washed the cover and looked over pillow the day got it had left the chair frame and desk out doors in our extreme heat 2 days while adusting things inside for them. we do our sale and my things sit out side in the heat my child having been in the bags a few times a pair of my sox had been on floor i put in backpack later spent a second night did sleep left my things in porch got up my normal 3 and sat on porch to smoke glancing occasionally to the pillow and bag , around 430 i notice a bug on my clean socks then get them from backpack and find 1 on the flip side of pillow when go to take to curb..iv had the chair for few months decided was too big but lived the cushions trashed the frame 2 weeks ago kept the cushions , my small town has had a long history of issues over the years in general but she (my girlfriend) had never said she herself had issues , and i didnt see anything here all this time or have any bites i didnt know were flea lice or mosquito this morning justa after got home at 10 found a string of blotches nearly 8 inches long that i didnt see or feel till got here , washed the pillow and bags in hot put bags out to bake(and the a thunderstorm) pillow 2 cycles in dryer, but now got to tell her when her house gets sprayed tomorrow also a german trouble) and i fog for fleas and germans was our original plans tomorrow.....perplexing to say the least, ... note im never in bed at 3 and rarely slept or sat in that chair and my room nearly 40 feet from where chair stayed and no one ever had bites that didnt look like our normal daily bugs we always had fleas and mosquito that look like could have been in Jumanji .....................if they were ours just more icing on my nasty cake yey me

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Aug 14 2017 7:12:34

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    Fogging isn't a good treatment for bed bugs.

    Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily spread back and forth in a community if you give or receive items like furniture, have yard sales, etc.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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