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Were they here when I moved in? HELP

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  1. maggiehatesbbs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Oct 12 2015 18:46:47

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    So I moved in to new apartment September 1st- never had any bed bugs before. We did rent a Uhaul truck, but our stuff was only in there for 2 hours tops. Also it was 105 degrees outside the day we moved- so inside the truck was VERY hot ( it's 130 degrees to kill bbs and I'm sure it was that hot or hotter.)

    Apartment is small, newly renovated. Located in a rowhouse, connected on both sides to other houses, with 2 other units in home. We started getting bites by September 18th, but didn't know what they were.
    THEN my nightmare began as we found full grown feeding on me September 26th.
    Had a PCO come out who confirmed infestation in bedroom AND living room.
    2 days later we found eggs in the bed frame.

    So my question is, how fast do infestations spread? Is it possible we picked them up from the UHAUL truck and had it spread this much, this fast? Or is it more likely they were already there when we moved in?

    Also we saw a neighbor two houses down throwing away a wrapped mattress, bed frame, tons of clothes and a HUGE BAG OF STORE BOUGHT BUG "BOMBS."
    Is it possible they crawled through the walls 2 units down? I know the bombs can make them spread... or are the incidents most likely unrelated. I live in an area with pretty bad bed bug problem.

    Thanks for any input this is the worst thing ever!!!!!

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Oct 13 2015 7:41:31

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    You'll want to check the adjacent units and find out how long the apartment sat vacant. Adult females are generally the first to migrate from infected units. Set up a monitoring system to show the land lord.

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  3. misery

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Oct 13 2015 10:15:40

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    I keep getting my BBs from moving into infested apartments (staying bug-free between for many many months) and it took me 3-4 weeks each time to realize the infestation. It is entirely possible. This last place looked spotless. I'm convinced now that was to hide the evidence. Sorry you're going through this. At least you're not alone!

    Not a pro here. Call me Jon Snow...... for I know nothing, except what I've experienced.
  4. loubugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Oct 13 2015 10:36:42

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    The infestation might not be only in that one neighbor's home. You live in a row house. There might be other times when other neighbors self-treated. You don't have any pest history of your row house?

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