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Where are the success stories?

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Aug 6 2016 0:51:15

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    Someone asked this earlier and I got called away from the computer and lost the thread. The success stories forum is here.

    (Pro user tip: there's a list of forums on the bottom of the main forums page, and you can get to the success stories forum later by going there and scrolling way down.)

    Note that a small percentage of people come back to report on their success, even though most people get rid of their bed bugs -- and usually seem to do so fairly swiftly. We know the failure to post a success story is not because they aren't successful, but because most people wait a bit before they're "sure" bed bugs are gone (people tell us this all the time), and then time goes on and they forget us.

    That's expected-- who wants to think about bed bugs when they're gone?!?

    This is a good time to say that I hope you will remember to come back and tell us the bed bugs are gone, or, for that matter, that you figured out it was fleas or keratosis pilaris, or whatever the story may be.

    It's never too late to post a success story and it will absolutely encourage someone else.

    If you have been here a while helping others and haven't posted one yet (check your profile for threads you started), please do! Thanks in advance!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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