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When/how to know you're in the clear?

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    Sat Apr 7 2018 16:03:25

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    I have seen other posts asking the same questions, but wanted to ask again for my own sanity I guess and hoping a professional may have some insight as well.

    I don't want to go into my whole story again, but it has been since 2/28 that my son had his last bites (and yes, I am pretty positive they were bites of some sort). My daughter and I last had bites (her about 11 on her back, me 3 on my ankle) on 3/11. I am fairly certain at least my last ones were from the flea I found in my bed. Some might remember our only confirmation of bed bugs was through k9 scent detection without visual confirmation--but he did alert in 5 rooms (9 spots) in our 3000 sq-foot home, so I feel there must have been something even I don't think he was 100% right. We already have had interceptors on our beds and passive monitors on the walls behind or next to the boxsprings for at least a month, as well as mattress and boxspring encasements, and have never seen anything so that's why I am relying on bites (which I know is not reliable either). I'm wondering if there's anything else we could be doing to look for them (other than our weekly bed check with the UV flashlight, which I now have my husband do). I'm waiting to book a summer vacation for us to see if we'll need to pay for more extensive PCO treatment, plus it's for my peace of mind too.

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