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When will we know for sure they're gone? When can guests come?

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  1. LifeAfterBugs89

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 25 2017 0:52:25

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    My husband is a salesman and goes into peoples homes to speak to them. Back in December he was exposed to bed bugs and tried to be thorough in heating his clothing and such, but at least one or two still managed to make it into our home.

    He was suspicious during that time because he believed himself to have bite marks. I never showed any reactions. We didn't fully understand how to locate them at that time and looked in the wrong places. 7 weeks after exposure, an adult ran onto my leg, I caught it.

    We were heat treated on January 31st. Every room in our house was treated for about 6 hours of 140 degree temperatures.

    We are concerned because when we came back that night we did not have a cover yet over the bed and were worried that if a dying bed bug fed from us, it could rejuvenate or something.

    It has been 12 weeks now and we have found no evidence of living bugs in this time. No shells, spots, bugs, or anything in the climb traps. Tonight we found what could be one of the bugs that was killed in the heat treatment (not sure if it's a shriveled bed bug or some sort of larva of something else), I was surprised we didn't find it before, but I was recently vacuuming and perhaps knocked it out of a crevice.


    Ever since the heat treatment, my husband and I have had skin reactions. However we also discovered in all of this that we'd had a pretty bad carpet beetle problem that we had no idea about. I didn't discover them until I looked around my desk and discovered their little hairy shells. I was able to find them every few inches around the baseboards as well. The heaters they used blew heat to circulate through the house and these little shells are so light, I have no doubt that they got blown all over the place (there were a lot in the carpet). We did a test on my husband where we rubbed a carpet beetle shell on him and he got a reaction that was the same as the other reactions we had begun to have after the heat treatment.

    The only difference is that he did not get any large, temporary hives like we both had experienced after the heat treatment.

    I started taking daily allergy medicine and have not had a hive since then, but my husband continues to get the occasional hive. He did not react with hives prior to the heat treatment.

    My cat also itches himself sometimes. I took him to the vet and he did have an ear infection that was treated but he still scratches around his face two or three times per day that I can see.

    What are your insights? When can we consider ourselves in the clear?

    I want to have guests overnight on the 20th of May, that will be at the 15 week and a few days mark. We plan to steam clean the carpets before this and also get an ionizing air purifier to try to remove all the carpet beetle hairs.

    Is it safe to have people over? We do not want to accidentally give someone bedbugs if there is still anything living here. When can we feel safe again? I wish I could put this in the 'Success story' section, but we just don't know when we can call it a success.

    Thank you.

  2. Bugs need to GO

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 25 2017 16:23:06

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    All I have to say is good luck! I didn't see any evidence for 4 months so I for sure thought they would be gone. Low and behold found one on a sticky trap last weekend. Haven't found any in my bed bug interceptors on my bed. This was after guest was over, so I'm not sure if someone brought one in or if it was one left behind. You could tell it hadn't ate in a while though.

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