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When to put out new furniture?

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  1. Emm

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Mar 24 2013 10:26:46

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    I have a question about when to put out new furniture. In the fight against the bed bugs I threw out my office chair and desk . I had planned to replace them anyways so it wasn't a big deal.

    I went with a friend to ikea this weekend (I don't have a car so I had to work around her schedule) and bought these two items to replace the chair/desk combo. and
    At the moment both items have been taken out of their boxes, sealed in plastic, and put in bags high up on a shelf in a closet bed bugs were not found in. I do not want to risk them being infested, especially since the chairs are wicker.

    So... When can I safely put them out?

    Here's my history with the bugs in case that helps:
    Feb 11- bed bugs found in the bed. all clothing run through the washer/dryer and bagged.
    Feb 12-first heat treatment of entire apartment. Infestation signs seen only on the bed (head area), estimated to be one to two months old. Clothing was unbagged for treatment and rebagged after.
    Feb 13- first pesticide application (no living bugs found). Neighbors inspected and found to be bug free .
    Feb 20- new bug bite. Found two surviving bugs. One early stage nymph bit me and then died(jerk...). The other was a late stage nymph but didn't appear to have bitten me recently.
    Feb 22- second heat treatment (they redid it since the first failed). Clothing unbagged for this but rebagged that night. They worked for 10 hrs on 550 sq ft apt. Issues with large empty space behind the wall next the bed identified and treated (a heat convector was removed to access it, something I didn't even know was possible). That space does not connect to other walls building mgmt assured me.
    Feb 28- second pesticide application (no living bugs found). Empty wall space found during heat treatment also sprayed.
    March 7- nymph bed bug found in living room, by the couch walking to the rug. 2nd or 3rd stage nymph from what I can tell. had not eaten.
    March 14: 3rd and final pesticide application. They'll come back and redo if more are found alive in the next 2 months. No living bugs found during treatment.

    So needless to say it's been a bit of a pain. I saw something very tiny and clear running on my rug yesterday, but I killed it and upon inspecting my rug found nothing (but I did vacuum it, including using the hand tools on the edges and underneath.). I've also found a few nymph silverfish and clear baby spiders over the past few weeks, so who knows what I saw.

    I have a passive monitor on the couch which has remained clear for three weeks, and the couch is also isolated with climb ups. The bed also has a passive monitor which has remained clear for three weeks, but it's on a spot that was sprayed with pesticide (the entire bed and matresses were). The bed can't be isolated since its this model.

    So, thoughts on when I can put out my new furniture?


  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Mar 24 2013 13:51:42

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    You shouldn't put your new furniture out until you can declare victory.

    Once you're sure your problem is over and done with - I recommend waiting another 30 days to be sure. Monitoring and inspecting during this time of course.

    Good Luck!

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