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Whats the best chemical and method to treat mattress, furniture, & carpets.

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  1. throwaway171

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Jul 27 2011 21:57:08

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    I thought I was getting mosquito bites for a month now, I was wrong. Ends up my place of work is compromised, Im the 3rd to get them.

    Anyway for about a week Ive been checking my mattress, didnt find anything until I found an adult yesterday. Smashed it and flushed it in the toilet, this is war. I cant afford $2000 for treatment in NYC, thats what the good companies charge from what I gather. I live in a private house btw.

    I bought Diatomaceous Earth powder (small bag until my cheaper larger shipment arrives, made a thick front line in the entrance of my bedroom so they cant escape and thinned it out going into the bedroom. Powered all my sheets, scattered clothes, pillows, blankets and put them into air tight white bags. powdered the mattress, carpet, bed posts, and hope this is a good start.

    I ordered the allerzip waterproof bed bug mattress protector set and 10 more pounds of Diatomaceous Earth.

    Now I need to know what chemicals to get, my local lowes/ home depot only sells the Kill Zone brand gallon chemicals, and I read in another post that is just a deterrent. I need liquid death. Is BEST YET or BUG PATROL any good? I read them on some website, but I think its a site that just promotes the product. Id really like an unbiased opinion.

    Also whats the best way to treat it, no one else in my family has been bitten other than me, I hope they are confined to my bedroom, as I have the top floor of the house to myself, I plan on treating the whole top floor, but my bedroom is obviously the priority.

    I plan on spraying the mattress with whats recommended then covering it in the mattress cover and not taking it off for a year or so, since some may survive but cant escape. I will put all my clothes in bags, wash and dry them. take my furniture apart and treat them. Steam my carpets as well.

    Should I be ok if I do all of this? I just need to know whats the best ecofriendly (if possible) chemical on the market that KILLS them.

  2. Saturn

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Jul 28 2011 15:11:19

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    If you search the forums you will find reviews of both the products you asked about. I don't really have any recommendations as far as pesticides go, but I do want to encourage you to exercise extreme care when it comes to using ANY sort of pesticide yourself. It sounds to me like you're using too much DE (more is not better - a "thick front line" is less effective than a very light dusting). Please read this site's DE FAQ's before you do anything more.

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