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What would happen if you left?

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  1. URadam56

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Aug 1 2016 15:19:15

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    I was thinking all day yesterday and today, what would happen if I suddenly left my very small bb infested home for a week? (of course showering and drying our clothes in the dryer for 50 minutes to kill bbs on us.)

    I'm planning to leave for an important trip for a week and I stated in my last topic that I had a small bed bug problem (1-2 bbs every 4-5 days). I was wondering what would happen if I left and the bbs have no food source?

    Would existing eggs hatch and just be there for a week until I got back and feast on me? What should I do when I leave for this trip?

  2. GeekOnTheHill

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Aug 1 2016 15:27:29

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    They would wait until you returned, and then chow down. Even newly-hatched bed bugs can survive for a week or two without feeding.


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