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    A couple of months ago I visited my family in the States not knowing that they had bed bugs. My mother didn't want to tell me because she thinks I wouldn't have visited( I stay in a different country) plus she thought they were gone. They have tackled the problem in the past and the one time I stayed I bagged up all my belongings and of course this made my family angry because they exclaimed they didn't have anything.

    We'll this time around I visited again only to wake up with welts on my arm and extreme itchness but I didn't think the worse although it was in the back of my mind. A couple of days later more welts appeared and my sister finally told me they had bed bugs last summer but they got rid of them. We'll I told my mom and she looked in the guest bedroom with my dad and come to find out there were six bedbugs by the wall. I left and came back later that day to see my dad spraying the mattress with my stuff siting right by the bedroom. I picked up my stuff and told them they needed to spray the whole house which they exclaimed was ridiculous since they only were found in the bedroom I was in. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do so I just washed all my clothes in hot water/dryer on high heat and bought a Packtite like heater and heated my belongs.

    When I got home I left all my belongings in the garage and washed all my clothes I had on that night. The following day I washed all my clothes again and went through the stuff I couldn't wash. For a month I freaked out and the country I live in doesn't really have bed bugs as a problem in my area so there are no PCO's I can contact. I sprayed down my stuff and for a couple of months no bites or anything. I have very sensitive skin so one bug bite will make my skin react in a couple of hours so I was relieved after 58 days of nothing to be free.

    Unfortunately, I found a bug in my bathroom and though it was a nymph I freaked out tried to id and found out it was a book lice. But a couple of days later I got in my car and noticed the window was cracked. I went to work and put my bag down and noticed something clear white, small crawling on it. I looked closer at it and it didn't resemble the bug in the bathroom. The body was similar to a bed bug nymph but it didn't have a yellow tint more clear white, and it's antenna was longer more vertical and not short horizontal like the picture's I googled. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tape and squished it a little with the paper I found so I couldn't really id after that. I put in on tape but it would impossible for a PCO to identify without a magnification unit nearby. All week I have been looking in my car, garage, have spayed down my car/garage, washed clothes, prayed, freaked out and repeat. I also have no bites and have not seen cast skins or live samples since that incident.

    Am I just freaking out? I believe it is one of the reason my family didn't want to tell me because I can become obsessive but six years of them tackling this problem to no avail would make anyone paranoid. Also, what bugs look similar to bed bugs esp. nymphs. I know that book lice can resemble the nymphs but from the pictures I googled they look more like ants than bedbugs. Bat bugs also resemble them but I can't find picture of the nymphs only the adult bugs. Can baby spiders resemble them? We have a problem with spiders and there are a lot of birds/birds nest near my office that may carry bird mites or bat bugs.

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