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What kind of bug is this? Itchy welts! [a: male odd beetle]

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  1. phryne

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jan 19 2017 23:05:59

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    I am getting bitten but I don't even know what my enemy is! Help me save what is left of my sanity!

    I woke up a week ago with bites all over my feet. They were raised and very pink. My skin has always reacted severely to insect bites, but these were especially itchy.

    Five days later I woke up to huge itchy bites on each arm. The smaller blotch was very red. The larger welt on the other arm was four inches long and very puffy. It has been a couple days but it is still swollen. It is less itchy now, but more painful. These looked quite different from the first set of bites.

    I checked my bed for signs of bedbugs but I didn't see any. Of course that doesn't mean they aren't there. The only insect I found was this little fellow. I trapped it between two pieces of scotch tape. It doesn't look like a bed bug, but I'm very new at this.

    What should my next step be? I would love for someone who has been there to give me some advice. Also, I've seen some insect experts weigh in these boards so I would be super appreciative if they could tell me what kind of insect I seem to be dealing with. Thank you!

  2. cantcallit2016

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jan 20 2017 6:03:43

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    I am sorry too hear what your going through not a expert but have been going through marks on my body as well shoulders face and upper back for almost 10 months but not one sign of any bb it's rough I have personally never seen a bb look like the one in the pic. Bit as I said I am not a expert hope you find a solution soon!!

  3. loubugs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jan 20 2017 6:56:26

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    The insect is a male odd beetle, Thylodrias contractus. The female is different looking and to some looks like a bed bug. It's not the cause of your skin problems.

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