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What is the risk of chemical treatment with my 7-week-old and young children

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  1. iamst5

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Jun 26 2012 20:43:49

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    After I was bitten 17 times on my arms alone we found 4 baby bed bugs on the outside of our box spring. We did have a bed bug cover but there was a small hole it in and the bed bugs left a lot of poop around the hole. Anyway, my baby is only 7-weeks-old and I have a 4-year-old son. We are paying $4,200 to heat our 1100 sq ft apartment, and we spent $3,700 exactly one year ago on heat but at this rate we can't afford to do this over and over. (After the first bed bug (we only found one baby in bed) we isolated all the beds by pulling them away from the wall and putting climb-ups on all 3 beds. We also have quarterly bed bug inspections by dogs). We have encasements on all beds. Still we got the bed bugs again...

    So what would you do? What are the chemicals? How much are used? What can we do? What would happen if you didn't treat and just re-isolated the beds and were super careful? If they couldn't get a blood meal would they go elsewhere?

    We live on the top floor of a co-op in Manhattan.

    Please help us. I have bites all over me and so does my four-year-old son. My husband does not react to the bites. I'm so sad this is happening. The chemicals frighten me.

    Lastly, we live next to a reclusive elderly lady, 73, who does go out every day but won't allow anyone in. APS just removed her from her home and when the co-op gained access to her apartment they found a roach infestation. One of the worst the exterminator had ever seen. (Yes, we have had problems with roaches for 2 years but we didn't know why- we suspected - and we were able to keep them at bay by taking out the trash every day and having no clutter and staying super clean, etc...).

    Do we have any rights? Can we sue her to allow a canine unit in to search for bed bugs. While we live in a co-op she is a renter. We can keep treated only to get reinfected by her. Can we really prevent the spread of them?

    Please help me. I'm going crazy. Thank you.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Jun 26 2012 22:11:23

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    Heat is not a great plan if you think you may have a neighbor with a continuing bed bug problem. You really do need to work with your coop board to find the source/make sure all infested units are treated at once.

    At that point thermal/heat can be used,
    but chemicals can also be used safely by knowledgeable, experienced pros.

    I don't have experience personally with coops and condos in NYc, but others have written about bed bugs in their buildings.

    You may need to work within the coop board or association. Have you talked to them?

    You may also need advice from a legal expert or at least from people who know a lot about coops.

    There are some articles and resources on bed bugs in NYC coops and condos here which may help you find what you need.

    The links to Habitat magazine (a magazine for coop members abd board members) articles are particularly good-- some of them may have changed, but using the search box on the Habitat site should help you locate them AND more which we're posted after the post I linked to. I think these resources may help you as you communicate with your board.

    Note also that if you want to find out if a neighbor is a source, I would not assume stopping with the one lady would be sufficient. She may have a roach problem and another -- apparently cleaner and not problematic -- neighbor may have the bed bugs.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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