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what is the best compact/ small vacuum to buy?

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    Mon May 11 2009 17:35:52

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    I live in Astoria, Queens and space is kind of an issue. Last week my girlfriend who is highly sensitive to bug bites got the famous three bites and since then has been bitten a few more times. Lucky for us the management company instantly agreed to send a PCO to our apartment and we are in the process of washing and ziplock bagging everything. I'm really concerned by the effects of the pesticides and though we haven't found any physical evidence yet, we don't want to chance it as she is been miserable with hives and large welts. We just ordered a packtite, and I have been using for a few year now a tiny hand held Dirt Devil. It seems that vigorous vacuuming is big part of preventing further fumigation after the recommended 2 visits from the PCO but since I'm already spending $$ on all the products, (Pactite, bed encasement, bottles of rubbing alcohol, a plethora of different size ziplock bags, using the local laundry machines pretty much on a regular basis, interceptors and murphy's oil), should I invest in a new small vacuum? If so what would you suggest. By no means do I have a ton of money to throw at the situation, actually it saddens me that I'm dipping in the engagement ring fund but her misery is not worth skimping or cutting corners. Any advice is well appreciated.

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