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What is biting me?!

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  1. paranoidinseattle

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Aug 29 2014 1:31:51

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    A few weeks ago I noticed that I had mysterious bites on my legs. There were about four on my left leg and two on my right. A few days latter I noticed a couple more. Since then I get about one a day, sometimes two, sometimes none. They always appear on my upper legs (I usually wear shorts to bed, and one has appeared on my chest (while wearing a shirt).

    For the characteristics of these bites, typically they start out small and itchy. They then have a fairly large light red area that swells around the bite. Usually they develop into a whitehead, and then a red scab type thing appears in the center (the whitehead stage doesn't always happen).

    Of course I freaked out when I first discovered that they could be bed bugs. I searched the area surrounding my bed high and low, and could only come up with one tiny shell-type thing. For the past week I've been searching obsessively, hoping that it's just fleas. (I do have cats, but typically I will see a flea or two jump on me if we have a problem). Yesterday I saw this mystery bug crawling on my laptop that was sitting on my bed. I also found another bug that looks like a cockroach (EW) on my ceiling in the living room. I'm wondering if one of these guys could be related to my biting problem.

    I hope these can help me rule out bedbugs.... If anyone can identify, or give me insight on my bites, I'd be forever grateful.

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Aug 29 2014 7:11:38

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    Dear paranoid,

    Yikes, let's NOT be paranoid !

    Wow, you should call the Guinness folks cause you've found a specimen of the very rare and unusual "South American keyboard theopis". This critter is rumored to be an ecto-parasite of large and mysterious land animals such as sasquatch, big foots (or is that big feet?) and the yeti. Usually, when you're sleeping, these Big Feet things sneak into your house, log onto your pc and either surf porn or online shop using your account and CC thus running up huge sums of CC debt. Victims of such intrusions are usually so embarrassed that these occurrences are seldom, if ever reported, which explains why few, if any, persons have ever heard of this and it remains largely undocumented in scientific references.

    However, this key board bug looks eerily similar to an immature lady beetle. These creatures may be found outdoors on certain plants where they mercilessly prey upon aphids. You can usually find them on any plant where aphids are a problem. As such, they are NOT a biting pest problem for you !

    The ceiling bug is totally another story and you might want to think about selling your house and moving to Nome, Alaska where these critters do not exist.

    OR, it appears to be a beetle and not a biting insect however, we'd need a better photo to know for sure.


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