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What do we need to do next?

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Mar 6 2011 1:08:04

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    Back in November we contracted Terminix (for $1,000) to treat our bedbug infestation in our very small condo. We tossed out our bed, put every piece of clothing into the hot dryer and bagged it until after the treatment was complete. We have no carpet and had thrown out our bed after discovering the infestation. The technician treated our two bedrooms using the frozen CO2 and a pesticide called 565 xlo. I know the name of the pesticide b/c he left it at our house accidentally, and I have just used it to spray in our bedroom after just discovering a reinfestation on our new $1200 bed. The mattresses are encased with those bedbug proof covers, but this is seriously disturbing!

    What do we need to do differently? I read somewhere else that caulking around the baseboards may be useful. I feel like we were ripped off (or at least, not educated properly about how to prevent reinfestation) and are back at square one.

    What to do???

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