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    Mon Aug 27 2018 12:01:39

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    So we rent a room to someone in our apartment and it turns out that they have brought bedbugs with them from god knows where and have created an infestation, so far it's only in that room and we occasionally find them on the couch, we've used traps and bed bug sprays but I find that it's only making matters worse and I fear know it's going to get worse. We've lived in this apartment for 18 years, and 1 mistake and we will be kicked out by our landlord since our rent is the cheapest and we have no where to go. We can't afford an exterminator and if we tell the landlord he will definitely make us pay and then kick us out. I'm feeling hopeless, I start Uni next week and have spent money on getting ready for that, my mom and I don't make enough money combined, and the guy we rent the room to doesn't either, but when we tell him to buy stuff i.e diatomaceous earth he says he will and doesn't, we can't kick him out because we still need help paying rent.

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