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What are the chances and where should I look?

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  1. Jb3566

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Oct 3 2017 18:02:26

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    My boyfriend has bed bugs and is having treatment done and I haven't gone over there since we found out. I'm back at my parents house now and he has slept over here and I'm always bringing things back and forth and doing laundry here. I already have protection on my bed, so besides the obvious place like the bed, where should I look? And is it possible I got lucky and don't have them? The scary part is there were no signs at all until we found an actual bug and then inspected the bed and part of it was infested with them. I have been itching ever since but never once did before so I think it's just my nerves and thinking about them.

  2. psychologically_messed_up

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 4 2017 1:52:18

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    Thoroughly check the bed, box spring, headboard, floor, baseboards... look at everything within 8 feet of your bed.

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