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Wet dry shop vacuum?

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  1. kleetor1

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 6 2018 10:58:25

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    I have bedbugs and my vacuum is a bagless one (canister only). I put down some DE but I need to clean it up before pest control comes (vacuuming is part of the preparation). Can a wet/dry vacuum be ok for cleaning up DE and maybe sucking up bugs and eggs? I know that HEPA vacuums or bagged vacuums are best but I cant afford them right now. Any advice would be appreciated. A nylon stocking over the hose might not work cuz I put down quite a bit of DE (I was going paranoid but I caught 5 adults that I think are coming from the radiator in my apartment and I can't deal that off). Help!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 6 2018 11:43:35

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    You'll need a filter that can handle drywall dust, otherwise you'll just spread the DE around.

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