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  1. Christina

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Oct 1 2011 17:06:37

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    Months and months ago if I would lay in my bed I noticed a few times I would get bites in a row on my arms and other places. I thought it was probably spider bites or something of that nature. Most of the time I would sleep down on my couch in which I never really experienced anything like that.

    Months went by without me staying in my room or bed. Most of the time I wasn't even home. After months of not staying or being in my room or bed, I slept in my bed and within a few nights ended up with 52 bites on my ankles and feet. When I eventually flipped the box springs up I found a LARGE reddish brown stain at the foot of my bed and on the carpet underneath. Not knowing what was going on exactly, I freaked and threw out the mattress and vacuumed the best I could. How could an infestation grow like this without me being there???

    My apartment particularly has had a problem with several bats in the eaves/attic and I realize there is a bed bug called a bat bug. I naturally associated the two. This would give them a host to continue multiplying.

    My apartment complex says they cannot find any evidence of bed bugs or bat bugs but will not let me see the Orkin reports.

    So my questions are can bed or bat bugs leave a large blood stain like that? Do bat bugs just disappear once the host is moved? Wouldn't normal bed bugs have come down to the couch where I was mainly sleeping?

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