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Washing Clothing

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  1. edk

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Mon Jul 9 2018 13:48:23

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    I just found out I have bedbugs and an exterminator is coming this week to spray. He told me to kill bed bugs in laundry I have to wash with hot water and dry on the hottest setting. I imagine this will shrink my clothes, so what's the point, shouldn't I trash them? Does it shrink them a lot or a little. Also, is there anything I should add like vinegar or color safe bleach? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Mon Jul 9 2018 13:50:21

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    Just run them through the dryer without washing if you're concerned about shrinkage. The laundering isn't the important part, the heat kills the bed bugs.

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