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Waking up with bites but no evidence

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  1. freakingout123

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 4 2018 5:33:25

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    I've been getting single bites for about 2 months but can't find any evidence. The bites itch right when I wake up but the itchiness subsides quickly. I've searched and vacuumed my mattress/box spring and put sticky glue taps under each leg of my bed. I haven't caught anything in the glue traps since putting them on 2 weeks ago. Is it possible they are just in my mattress and/ or box spring and not anywhere else? I'm thinking about tossing them and seeing what happens. I'm planning on getting a new set next month anyway. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Mf1616

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 4 2018 14:47:37

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    If it’s a single bite I wouldn’t suspect bed bugs right off the bat. They will usually bite in clusters. Maybe spiders? Whereabouts on your body do the bites present themselves?

    For the record, I am NOT an expert.
    My advice/opinion comes from past experience(s) with bed bugs and what I have read on-line.
  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 4 2018 14:58:37

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    They don't bite in clusters, they bite exposed skin. In my feelings they can usually get their fill on a single puncture.

    After two months there should be fairly clear signs with even a basic inspection of the mattress, box and frame. Check the mattress tags, the piping on the mattress, the contact area of the box spring on the frame and remove the dust cover from the bottom of the box spring and check under the flap of material attached to the frame of the box.

    Throwing away your bed with no evidence of bed bugs will most likely not change your issue. You may want to buy or make some passive monitors.

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