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Waiting to see if they're back

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Oct 10 2009 13:59:07

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    I haven't been here in months. My story is that we've had bugs for a year and a half; treated alot; and finally thought they were gone. I think I was bitten last night and this morning found 2 tiny bugs around the edge of encased mattress. Sick as can be I called my Freedom Pest Control, Ceasure and found out he's back in action. I don't know if you guys were aware of the horrific motorcycle accident Ceasure had a couple of months ago. It's a major miracle he's alive. His assistant came by here to check my bedroom and took those two little critters with him to show to Ceasure. Ceasure had an inspection to do in the city and he knew I'd freak totally if someone didn't get here today. Like so many times, he saved me. I'lll update as I get the news. It's to much to even imagine.

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