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Vikane or Heat Treatments companies in Atlanta?

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  1. MoonAndBack

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    Posted 5 days ago
    Sat Oct 12 2019 12:35:46

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    Can someone please recommend a good Pest Control company that performs treatments for BBs in Atlanta?

    I tried to find anyone that would do fumigation with Vikane but couldn't find anyone so far. Was hoping I can fumigate my belongings in a truck or in my car.

    Also, it seems that heat treatments are done by smaller companies around here. I live in an apartment and most of the large companies are not willing to do the treatment on apartments especially since there is a contract that Apartment management has with another Pest Control. There was one that agreed but they did not even bother to come and do inspection to confirm it is bed bugs, they said they are confident that it is bed bugs and they pushed Cryonite treatment saying it would work in one session. So I am a little vary of using them.

    I will try to describe my situation in another post, pretty much I have been suspecting bed bugs for over 5 months and we have been getting bites and seeing blood spots on bedding and found several dark spots on mattress encasement/crib, but were not able to find any dead or alive bugs and K9 inspection couple of months ago did not find anything. Most of the companies that I spoke with would not perform treatment unless we will find a live bed bug and I cannot seem to find one! Used Temprid and Cimexa without PCO but that didn't seem to help. I will be moving pretty soon and I am desperate to resolve this problem before that. Thanks in advance!

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