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Vikane Fumigation : in a fumigation chamber or directly in a uhaul?

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  1. momto2kiddos

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Apr 23 2013 20:21:10

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    In our area there appear to be 2 options for offsite commodity fumigation - one uses a fumigation chamber, while the other PCO actually gases your Uhaul (sealing it first with special fumigation tape).

    What do people think is a better option - fumigation in a chamber or fumigation of a UHaul? I like the idea of a sealed fumigation chamber that is used only for fumigation, they insure it is heated to 70 degrees, etc. They don't fumigate your UHaul (they said that they would spray Sterifab & Tamprid in the truck to decontaminate it while the fumigation is taking place in the chamber). One thing is for certain - I don't want to haul all of my stuff to a chamber just to load it back into a truck that is contaminated!

    The other company will fumigate your UHaul directly (monitoring levels with a fumiscope), but I have read posts on here where people said that UHauls are not great to fumigate, because they have leaks and that they aren't as guaranteed as fumigating in a chamber.

    Does anyone have any ideas on which method is more likely to be successful? Or other ideas on how to decontaminate the Uhaul (if we decide to go with the fumigation chamber?)

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Apr 25 2013 2:59:23

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    Go with the company you feel comfortable with.

    Don't read in too much about what a lot of people say failed on here. A lot of people on here and elsewhere also don't/didn't have bugs to begin with so fumigated their belongings hoping to stop imaginary biting Bed Bugs will always fail. That type of problem can't be helped with a chamber or a truck.

    Find reviews for both companies and go with the one you trust the most.

    Best of Luck!

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