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  1. O Buggery

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Sep 18 2010 20:15:33

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    I just discovered that I'm out of vacuum cleaner bags - and the only place I know of that sells them closed an hour ago and doesn't open again until Monday!!!

    I hadn't checked them earlier because I needed to carefully remove the broken glass from all the stuff I'd piled on top of the stepstool-with-storage where I keep them.

    I'd parked the (plastic and metal, not-so-bedbug-friendly) stuff there so it would be out of the way when the K9 inspection team came to sniff all of my more-bedbug-friendly stuff.
    (No bedbugs were sniffed here, but my neighbor just across the hall has them.)

    The broken glass came from the large pyrex baking dish that was sitting on the stove when I turned the wrong burner on in an unsuccesful attempt to make myself a cup of tea.

    I turned the wrong burner on because I'd been up all night clearing and cleaning in advance of the K9 inspection.

    The glass baking dish was sitting on the stovetop because (this place has next to nothing in terms of kitchen counter space, and) bedbugs mostly don't live in dirty dishes; so I'd kind of let that end of things go during the great pre-K9 decluttering, un-cardboarding, and
    dis-wickering campaign.

    It turns out that direct contact with a electric burner set on "High" is not something that even Pyrex can withstand.

    It also turns out that a single 9" x 13" baking dish under severe heat stress can very suddenly turn itself into one very loud "BANG!!!!" and a few hundred thousand shards, splinters, slivers, and chips of broken glass.

    The distance record is held by the shard that traveled 12 feet (half the length of my apartment).

    Damage record is held jointly by the 17 pieces that were still hot enough on landing to burn the carpet in the entryway right next to the kitchen, with extra honors going to the 9 that fused to the synthetic carpet fibers and had to be cut out with a carpet knife.

    Most absurd goes to the piece that somehow slipped through one of the vents in the side of the vaccum-cleaner-supplies-holding-footstool, despite those vents being blocked by another stack of not-so-bedbug-friendly stuff.

    And the Truely Tragicomic Award goes to the fact that I never did get that d*mned up of tea.

    (I'm tired of The Bedbug Game. Can we stop playing now?)

  2. kannon_bosatsu

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Sep 18 2010 20:20:41

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    I'm laughing and also nodding at this story as I recognize that "Well, bed bugs don't live there so skrew it". I see we have the same space issues - I have accidentally melted sippy cups sitting on burners.

    As for the bags, can you call around to find another place that sells the bags? How I wish Amazon had transporter service!

    Hope the rest of the weekend goes better and that you can get out of BB waiting hell soon!

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