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Vacuum Cleaners (and preventin infestation in them)

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  1. bedbugsinmilwaukee

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Jan 31 2014 1:58:47

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    I recently had a bed bug infestation in my apartment and the exterminator had to come twice.

    I am worried about vacuuming in my apartment. I cleaned the dirt container and filter of my bagless vacuum cleaner with boiling water. However, I noticed possible bed bug eggs in the (clear) tubing and there was a plastic section above the dirt container which could not be removed. I dumped my vacuum in the dumpster but I still need to be able to vacuum my apartment. All of the vacuum cleaners that I have found in local stores have the same problem: certain parts of the vacuum cleaner cannot be removed for proper cleaning. This provides locations for bed bugs to hide. Both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners have this problem. Is there any way to deal with this problem? Are there any specific (preferably cheap) models that do not have this issue?

  2. ITortureBugs4Revenge

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Jan 31 2014 4:39:00

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    I think the chance of bedbugs actually living in and reproducing in a vacuum cleaner is almost nonexistent, as the heat and static electricity generated when the vacuum cleaner is being used as well as the air flow and pressure inside the vacuum (From a bugs point of view being inside the dirt chamber or hose of a vacuum cleaner would be similar to being trapped in a tornado with tons of debris flying around) would be way too hostile of an environment for them. Simply emptying the vacuum cleaner's dirt chamber into a plastic bag and then tossing the bag into an outdoor trash bin immediately after you finish vacuuming should be good enough, and thoroughly cleaning the filters for good measure like you mention doesn't hurt either.

    .....I am NOT an expert.....

    Any advice i give here is based solely on my own personal experiences in dealing with bedbugs & other household vermin.

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