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Vacation nightmare

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    Thu Jul 5 2018 9:45:28

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    So its been a year since we last got treated for BB. I was finally starting to lighten up a little and not worry every second of every day (although I still worried a lot). Well we went on vacation and the place was not a dump but the moment I walked in I got a creepy feeling. MY family would not allow me to flip beds over and look around BEFORE we brought our things in the condo. They said I needed to calm down a stop worrying over everything!

    Well after 2 days of feeling sick to my stomach about where we were staying, I’m in the kitchen cooking when my son calls me to his room “MOMMMMMMMM WHATS THIS?” And guess what? Yep you guessed it! A FREAKING BEDBUG! The only person to call was the property manager and guess what it was after office hours! Needless to say no one slept that night and I was up for over 24 hours doing laundry and taking the clothes straight outside (luckily we pack in weather tight totes for this exact reason) I didn’t even fold them in the house, I folded them outside in the parking lot. 3am we are online looking for new places to stay and if we didn’t we would have to head home (a 16 hour drive). Luckily we found a new place, smaller but BB free (we tore the place apart when we got there)

    we finally got the property manager and he seemed mortified and had pest control come straight over. They apparently found nothing else but one dead one in a drawer. My husband overheard them saying they treated this unit before. The property manager assured us that he’s been managing the property for a year and if it was treated before it wasn’t on his watch (idk if I believe that). They refunded us our money with no argument.

    Now we are home and I’ve washed everything for a second time but I’m still so paranoid that we could’ve brought them with us! I have bites all over and so does my daughter but I KNOW they were from the sand flies/sandfleas from on the beach in the evenings. I watched them bite us. But I’m still paranoid that it’s BB.

    I cannot relive this nightmare again! I mean I guess it’s possible that I’ve stayed in places with them before and didn’t notice because I had never dealt with them and maybe now I’m just hyper aware but I feel like I’m never going to escape this nightmare! I feel like this is now my life 😩

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