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using multiple dry ice detection traps

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    Sat May 11 2013 18:12:54

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    I just got into my sublet for the summer and I want to check if any bedbugs were brought to the apartment. I'm planning on making two dry ice traps and putting them down for a week in my bedroom and also next to the couch in the living room, where I've been sleeping a lot.

    I'm wondering whether the use of 2 traps is self-defeating, since it would be 2 competing sources of CO2 emission, maybe confusing the bugs. Or is using 2 traps at the same time fine?

    That's my whole question, and I'd be grateful for any PCO or otherwise experienced forum member to offer their opinions.

    If you want the background info for the situation, here goes...

    The students subletting to me are actually moving into the apartment in September. They got a mattress and box spring from their friend at a different apartment and left it for me in my bedroom. I checked the seams and didn't find any bugs and didn't see any splotches of stains--their friend said it was fine (although the mattress was old & beat to hell). But a day later I looked again and noticed some brown and black spots on the edges of the mattress and box spring.

    The spots were mostly in small groupings, but I decided to check them against photos on the web of bed bug stains close-up and... they were EXACTLY the same. The mattress must have had or currently has a low-grade infestation, since the spots never accrued to make big splotches.

    We threw out the mattress and box spring, so they were only there for 2 days. But I'm worried that a few bugs, maybe a female, escaped. So I thought I would rest easy, and know whether to leave the sublet next month, if I ran the dry-ice test in two places where they would wait or go looking for a new food source.

    Thanks very much, if anyone can help. I'd rather stop a potential problem before it starts.


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