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Using landlord's inferior PCO--K9 no visual, treat whole apartment?

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  1. JustBecauseYoureParanoid

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Sep 30 2012 11:45:19

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    One of my children has had tons of bites for a few weeks.

    I've been a bedbug paranoid for 15 years. I do all of the reasonable prevention stuff and check mattresses and beds carefully every week when I change sheets.

    This week I was on a rampage because the bites I was seeing were really typical bedbug bites. I saw a single live bedbug stuck to a peice of tape on a cabinet that touches that child's bed. I bagged it.

    I pulled away the back wall (it's an ikea pax, so the back wall is barely attached with a few small nails). There I saw another bedbug (smushed it before it could escape). I saw a small area of fecal specks, but didn't disturb the area more.

    I'm called the landlord, who was sympathetic, but will only pay for his pco. There is at least one other active case of bedbugs in the building, be not very near us.

    He sent us a bug sniffing K9. The guy looked at the bug I found. He brought his dog around, but insisted that the dog has to have absolute silence and that they be alone in the room. I wasn't planning on watching anyway. He asked about who sleeps where. Including time to write up his report, which he didn't show us, he was gone in 5 minutes. When we asked a out where specifically the bedbugs were, he said that they don't do specifics. I asked if he did any visual inspections, he said he didn't have time.

    He said that the bedbugs were in the room where I found one, our bedroom (4 feet down the hall), and part of the living room. That would have been my guesses also. He said the guest room was clear.

    We have tons of stuff. 4 kids, 2 adults, double whatever you think, we have it. We clean regularly and I'm always inspecting for bedbugs, roaches, mice, etc. We live in NYC. There's always something trying to move in. Do I really have to treat everything in the apartment?

    So far, I dusted (safely! thanks bedbugger forums for info!) with diatomaceous earth everywhere in the affected room and a few other placed. I'm going to get the other bedroom today, if possible.

    If I caulk everything, can I just coat the apartment in a fine dust of diatomaceous earth?

    My only concern is the couches. The leather was in pretty bad shape and they are covered in 3 layers of surefit slipcovers. I have no idea how to treat that. DE between the layers?

  2. Koebner

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Sep 30 2012 12:42:14

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    Do you still have the bug you found & if yes, can you post a clear pic in a new thread with a title asking for ID?

    Being as how the k9 inspection seems to have been mighty rapid, it'd be nice to double-check before you embark on any treatment.

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